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All right, /a/. I'm leaving you.

I admire your knowledge of anime and manga - you got me into Akagi and Kaiji, you showed me the rest of Pokemon Special. You've brought me endless amusing threads, you've coined terms like “trap” and “GAR” and gave me a place to mourn for Wizarmon. And you're always up for discussing whatever's airing: Ouran, NHK, Kaiji, I've talked about countless great shows with you.

But here's the thing, /a/: you've changed. You're absolute shit half the day, and that half contains most of my waking hours. You've always been a harsh place – at one point, “a fanfic so good I could post it on /a/” was an inspiring ambition – but your hatred has increased to the point where you now rage at anyone who dares express a love for anime in public. Its begun to even poison my own viewpoints. (I-I don't think you even love anime anymore, just talk about it because you have nothing else in life.) You're not even discussing good anime anymore; you just want to talk about Code Geass, Lucky Star, Kurenai and Chii's Sweet Home. And while anonymity has its good points, and you're certainly among the most intelligent anime boards out there, I miss making friends online. (I've even fallen in love that way, although the distance pained us for as long as it lasted. It's because I've been on the part of the internet where people have usernames and avatars that I know what its like to hold a girl in your arms, but its also why I know what it is to be heartbroken.)

I-I don't know where I'll go. I like a lot of the anime Gaia likes (and so do you, /a/, don't kid yourself, there's a Shugo Chara thread on the front of their anime and manga board) but I'm not retarded enough to stand listening to them. If there's anywhere you think I'll be happier, please tell me.

But it's not like I can stay here. Sayounara, /a/.

(Pic not related. In b4 “and nothing of value was lost.”)