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Looking at this thread makes me very disappointed, only because it's so ruthlessly true. I've taken it upon myself to not observe the behavior of most of the people around me..but this thread reminds me of how painful it is to listen to weeaboos in real life.
I remember one girl in particular. Her name is Rachel, but all her friends called her Rachy or Yuki-chan. She had two other friends in the class, too, Ducky and Emp. I don't know their real names. She looks like Anne Frank with purple and pink stripes in her brown, near shoulder length hair. It's a pity she is such a trainwreck since, one day while looking at her mom jeans, I noticed she had a really nice ass. Anyway, she'd always wear an akatsuki cloak and the green/white striped hat some Bleach character wears. I enjoyed watching her get ridiculed by fellow classmates while she desperately defended herself, spouting the names of characters from anime and manga they didn't recognize or care about.
I can usually pick the weeaboos and recluses out of a crowd, whether or not they have any chibi keychains or other indicating apparel on. It helps me conceal myself further, I think.