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Hey /a/,

It occurred to me recently that I could get off to healthy 2D girls considerably faster than I could get off to DFC. I've always considered myself a diehard pedo and fapped exclusively to loli. But last week, I decided to give Tamaki a try, and - to my surprise - I came in less than 30 seconds. With loli, it usually takes me about 10 to even 20 minutes. On the 20 minute ones, I'm basically forcing semen out of my shaft like I'd squeeze toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube that's almost empty.

Granted, I can still fap to loli, so I am by no means denouncing my pedophilia. It's just that compared to fapping to healthy 2D girls, fapping to loli seems to take an unwarranted amount of time and effort. And that just seems wrong.

The obvious solution is to simply stick to girls with melon tits, but I find myself going back to loli and forcing myself to fap to it. I don't know why. I guess this could be similar to a girl constantly going back to an abusive relationship.

Have any /a/nons experienced the same thing? What should I do? Also, how much time does it usually take for /a/non to fap? Is 10 to 20 minute fap time normal?

Help me, /a/.

TD; LR, It feels like work whenever I try to fap to loli, but I let myself go through the ordeal anyway. Is there something wrong with me?

Pic is probably what I look like when I fap.