Stop Fansubbing

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Fansubbers are an interesting bunch. The more naive ones think that:
a. Fansubbing unlicensed animes is legal.
b. They are making those animes more popular in the US, thus making it more likely for them to get licensed, which also helps Japanese companies.
Due to this way of thinking, once an anime gets licensed in the US, those same fansubbers think that,
- suddenly that anime becomes illegal to distribute
- Their reason for fansubbing is now nonexistent (see b. above).

The truth is,
- It's illegal to distribute fansubs no matter what.
- the increased likelyhood of an anime getting licensed due to fansubs is questionable
- most japanese companies which make anime don't like fansubbers, and want them to stop (though few have threatened legal action due to the difficulty of such international lawsuits and possible negative publicity)

As such, most fansubbers fall into three disjoint categories:
- The hypocrites. They claim to do a. and b. above but don't really believe it.
- The naive and misguided. They believe a. and b. These tend to be very vocal and believe themselves to have high moral values.
- The pirates. They know a. and b. are false and do it anyway.