Few reasons why, to my dissapointment, make Re-take dissapointing.

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During Re-take 3 and after, the imaginary Asuka seems to take on a life of her own, even though Shinji is the one imagining her. She shouldn't be able to do that because Shinji is imagining her to make reflections on himself and should be continuing to do that, but she starts to think consiously of herself.

During Re-take 4, Asuka brings Eva 00 to Rei. How can she control it? And Rei can see Asuka even though she's Shinji's imagination? What about Asuka and Shinji's future child? She argues with Asuka even though Asuka should be continuing to berate Shinji and not be thinking for herself. Their child even helps out by sending them the Lance of Longinus.

At the end, this whole thing was just in Shinji's head, which would make my previous arguments moot, but it would also make the whole 'happy' story moot, too; sort of a huge waste of time, in a way.

Also at the end, the real Asuka is found sitting next to Shinji, just like in my pic. If she was the real Asuka and had no connection with Shinji's imagination, I believe she would still be laying on the beach feeling 'disgusted' (i've read the different interpretations of what the last line could have meant). If she did have a connection with Shinji's imagination, how would she know what he was thinking?

Yes I know this is a doujin and is meant to please the fans. Alot of fans liked the douljin and some wish that it would be official canon, like me for example, but to their dissapointment and mine... it just can't.