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Some people look at Giovanni and think, "he's an ambitious evil organization mastermind, a savvy and
successful businessman and a political elite; how can he possibly be manly" but these people fall to the common stereotypes of corporate class officers. In reality, Giovanni is a man of diverse passions, and harbors a deep curiosity and desire to experience the exotic and the extreme. He considers a physically fit body to compliment a physically fit mind, believing in a strong synergy between a body and mind in good health - this well rounded traits allow him to pursue his hidden passions on weekends and holidays when he isn't trying to steal rare and valuable Pokemon. Off-duty, it would not be surprising to see Giovanni in a jungle, dodging razor leafs, swinging from vine whips and diving into a lagoon full of Gyarados and Feraligatr. Nor would it be unusual for Giovanni to, oh a whim, shed his morning dress and jump off of a cliff just to out-dive an Aerodactyl that gave him the evil eye.

He fears nothing because he has tamed the elements within his own body; he has the strength of a Machamp, the speed of a Rapidash, and intellect of an Alakazam and the cunning of an Umbreon. His body is harder than Metapod, yet softer than Jigglypuff. He not only loves Mudkips but all Pokemon equally, and works diligently everyday to minimize the chaos by freelance Pokemon trainer battles and reduce the cruelty done by their improper care.