Boxsets or singles?

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Sup /a/, buyfag here.

So I was looking to you know, buy some more DVDs as I haven't done so in fucking ages and I felt like picking up the last Tenchi Muyo series and maybe Gundam 0079/Tenchi Universe.

The question is, which is generally better? I've usually gone for boxsets since it's a) cheaper and b) usually get special features, however the Tenchi Muyo Ultimate Edition boxset was pretty poor video quality wise (13 eps on 2 discs and 1 disc purely special features) so now I'm conscious of the fact that to save costs they just squeeze what they can onto as few discs as possible.

Is this generally the case, or was it just a bad boxset in particular? The other thing is price. The singles of Tenchi Universe are £16.75 each (8 discs in all) but the boxset is £32.75 (which also seems to be 8 discs which is strange, usually boxsets are less).

Am I right to be suspicious or should I just go for the boxsets? They are official R1 releases (not bootlegs)

Pic related. Worst encoding ever.