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So, I'm currently watching the twenty-ninth episode of the Death Note dub on YTV. It's the episode where the investigation team swat up and storm Mello's little mafia hideout as some of his compatriots are killed by Light. This is also the episode where Soichiro Yagami (Chief Yagami) makes a deal for the shinigami eyes with Ryuk.

Anyhow, just as they're about to storm in, Light tells his father that he should be able to see the names some of mafia people on the pictures he's holding. And then it occurred me.

Couldn't have Misa just looked at the picture of Mello that Light got from Near and read his name? I mean, wouldn't this have made things so much simpler overall? There's an untold amount of troubles that could have been avoided had this happened. For one, the Chief wouldn't have needed the eyes and probably wouldn't have died for some time. Still, even as things are, there's yet another inconsistency in this episode. Soichiro says Mello's real name, Mihael Keehl out loud, letter by letter, over the comlink. Couldn't have Light just wrote Mello's name down any time after the fact, with sooner rather later being the more preferably course of action?