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VLC - uses own codecs, crap interface, horrible support for subtitles, annoys as much as Suzaku etc (please stop using this guys. Until they drastically improve it anyways). Source of the often heard line from casual anime viewers: "holy shit fansubbers suck". It's got ALOT of options atleast...

KMplayer - uses own codecs (like VLC) and external ones, includes some unnecessary/redundant codecs, which kinda makes it bloated.

GOM Player - Uses own codecs (?). Don't know much about this sorry. I know it's popular in Korea!!!

SMPlayer - uses own codecs. Superior version of VLC/KMP. Although you can't force it to use external codecs (?), so no CoreAVC. If you really want a program that doesn't use EXTERNAL codecs, get this. Doesn't use VMR7/9 stuff, has it's own version overlay thingy.

BS Player - Good program, some parts of the interface might be easier for newbs, latest version supports viewing of two different subtitles at the same time (!). (not freeware though)

Media Player Classic (MPC) = WINRAR, free, clean interface, pretty much the STANDARD for everyone who knows NOT to use VLC.

Zoom Player = KING like MPC. Some parts are even more customizable. MPC will suit 99% of your needs, but you really like to tweak around alot... use this. (pro versions and up not free, although betas are).

Download and install CCCP + CoreAVC
Either use MPC or Zoom Player
Maybe SMPlayer for non h.264 files if you somehow don't like the looks of MPC or Zoom Player.
(If you have a uberfast PC don't worry about CoreAVC)

It pretty much depends on which looks pretty and easy to use, I'm not forcing you :p

Feel free to point out mistakes etc
Also recommend some other players that might be of interest =)