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-Goku doesn't die and go to train with King Kai at this point.
-Gohan doesn't get trained by Piccolo and instead trains with Goku and the other Z warriors at Kami's.
-Nappa and Vegeta still come to avenge Raditz.
-Chaozu manages to Kamikaze Nappa, after he kills Piccolo in an actual fight.
-Vegeta kills Goku and then Gohan.
-Tien with Yamcha's and Yajirobe's help manages to defeat Vegeta, thought they are still only able to drive him off the planet.

-Gohan, Chaozu, Goku, and Piccolo then go to train with king Kai.
-Yamcha, Tien, Krillin and Bulma leave to Namek. Once there they collect the Dragon Balls and ally themselves with Vegeta. They easily manage to beat the Ginyu Forcethey wish Piccolo to life then allow Mr PoPo to collect the Earth's Dragon Balls to wish the rest of them to life. Finally Yamcha uses a second wish to get them to Namek to fight Freeza.
-Vegeta wishes for immortality.
-Piccolo takes the team to find Guru. Piccolo fuses with Nail, every Human gets their potential released.
- Freeza never destroys Namek.
- Vegeta kills Freeza.
- Vegeta demands a rematch with the Z warriors. Goku apparently defeats him this time.

-Androids appear and wreck havoc without warning.
-Cell appears and begins to destroy the planet
-Piccolo fuses with Kami to try to stop him
-Gohan comes back in Bulma's Time Machine to try to help.
-Future Gohan attains Super Sayian status before anyone else. Everyone spends time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to attain Sayian status.
-The Character that defeats Cell is not reveled, or Player is allowed to choose the Character they use to kill Cell once and for all.

What do y'all think?