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So /a/, explain to me, what exactly is so wrong with GANTZ?
/a/ seems to have the general consensus that it’s terrible, but I’ve never heard /a/nonymous state why.
When I first saw content from GANTZ, it looked like something that would be right up my alley…
-Impressive, insanely detailed art
-A sterile, inherently disturbing and dark Sci-Fi atmosphere
-Mindfucking and nightmarishly abstract monster-designs. Fucked up monsters that surpass any monster-designs you’d see in Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Leon or Heather never had to fight a giant, remotely humanoid figure composed of amorphous nude bodies.

I’m still not quite sure specifically what GANTZ is about (if anyone wants to bother to take the time to fill me in, I’d appreciate it), but nothing about my first impressions made me think “Wow, this manga looks like it sucks”.
So what is it, /a/? What makes GANTZ so terrible? Be specific. “It sucks” doesn’t cut it. Take that shit to daytime /a/, though I admit I half expect it on a Friday night.
Fill me in, /a/.