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So today at school, me and my friend were talking about Kingdom Hearts (bear with me please). I asked her if she finished the game and she told me she didn't, she just finished beating "the 1000 monsters". So I said "Lol, Heartless" and she said "I know, I'm not stupid" so I said "Yeah, but why say monsters when you can say Heartless?". She told me she said monsters because we're almost always talking about anime,manga,japan and stuff like that no one else at school really likes. It sounds nerdy when someone walks by, so it's better to say "monsters" in stead of "Heartless". I said it's better to say Heartless than in stead of "monsters", because it isn't like anyone knows what we're talking about. And she said "Well that's the whole point, isn't it? It's the fact that they DON"T KNOW what we're talking about, they are like 'lol wtf are Heartless? Nerds..'. If I say monsters, at least it looks like I don't know much about it. I mean, we're 18 already, and we usually talk about anime and manga the whole time at school, it really is nerdy, so it's better to keep it down".

I know what she means, but still, it was weird. Are you like this too /a/? Are you ashamed of liking anime too?

Also, not underage, schoolsystem differs in Holland (where I live, so my english isn't that great either btw).