unbearable waiting

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what is wrong with this mayumi ohashi (girls saurus dx)?
seriosly, lets write multiple series at once so that one volume gets released a year. BRILLIANT!
my god, it's worse than waiting for rumiko takahashi to finish a damn series.

kaori ozaki (immortal rain/meteor methusalah) does the same damn thing, and she only has one series going on!

at least riku sanjo and koji inada have an excuse (inada had broken his drawing hand)

maybe monkey punch (lupin) needs to run a mangaka boot camp to straighten all these slackers out.

there's also yoshihiro togashi (hunter x hunter) and his multiple hiati. is he sick? does anyone know?

and hiroya oku (gantz) always seems to be on vacation when not wasting panels.

i don't know /a/. who is pissing you off with delays?
feel free to also complain about quality losses too if you want.