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You know what? Anyone who throws around the word GAR seriously is full of crap. There is no need for this term to exist, especially for describing a genre, because we already have a genre that perfectly encapsulates the sentiment put forth by this whole "GAR" concept: "seinen." I don't mean this recent wave of moe-centric seinen, either. I mean the real deal, the stuff which continues the tradition of gekiga. The so-called GAR advocates try and pull some crap about how "oh, well ultra-manly sentiment transcends one genre, which is why we made up a new word!" but you know what? Screw 'em. They're just using that term to describe seinen influence in non-seinen works. The definition I go with is this one. If you want to try and tell me I don't understand the term, please tell me what part of that definition I just linked is inaccurate.