Your Anime/Manga Process

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Okay /a/, let's talk shop here. What is your personal anime and manga process? How do you learn about a new series? How do you personally track and download series? What is your style of watching/reading? What tools and databases do you use to assist you?

My anime process: After a series has had 15-20 threads on /a/ and looks interesting, I put the series on my AniDB back list. If a series is a sequel to something I've already seen and liked, or is a friend's recommendation, it goes on my shortlist. Any series I am currently watching go on my shortlist. If I'm not watching anything, I pull series at random from my back list to shortlist.
Anything on my shortlist gets an RSS update attached to it from AniDB which gets me specific info. I also have RSS from Tokyotosho which lets me know when batches come out. Preferred method of download is torrent.
I then watch the series, run the series through anidbomatic, give it a rating, and move on.

My manga process: Find new manga through /a/ and through anime series I enjoyed. Track it all via a mangaupdates reading list and rss. Download via whatever the groups prefer. Read and then update my reading list.

It's worked for me for about 2 years now, but maybe there's better ways out there. How about you, fellow /a/non?