'Gunslinger Girl' Sequel to FUNimation

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Gunslinger Girl-II Teatrino, the 13-episode anime sequel to 2004's Gunslinger Girl series, is the latest acquisition announced by FUNimation, which plans to issue the entire series in a 13-episode box set in 2009. FUNimation also released the first Gunslinger Girl anime, which was produced by Madhouse. The new series, which was directed by Rei Mano (Ghost Hunt) and aired on Japanese TV from January to March of this year, was produced by Artland (Mushi-shi, Eyeshield 21).
Both Gunslinger Girl anime series are based on the shonen manga series about female cyborg assassins by Yu Aida, which appears in the monthly Dengeki Daioh magazine. So far nine volumes of the Gunslinger Girl manga have appeared in Japan. ADV has released six volumes of the Gunslinger Girl manga here in the States.