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"Hey,master! It's so bad! My dicks I've taken care of were completely burnt and wasted! It's just about to pollinate,gee...Don't you have anything in mind?"
"Well,I, I don't..."
"Don't look away, talk with your eyes fixed to my great cock!"
"I, I don't know...really..."
"Okay, you keep on playing dum,master! Now I regret I have to screw the Couple penis,which I have just cropped this morning!"
"Yes,sir. I did it."
"What a hell you did! Now I have to screw the Couple Penis(C)!"
"Damn,Curse on you!"
"Argument's over!Take grudges of my penises killed in their cherry season! Take this! This! This! This! All the grudges of all my peniseeeeees!"
"Wow! How thick Couple Penis (C) is..."