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Not my blog, so this is actually a Matoi thread.

I seem to have a stalker. An internet stalker, mind you, and I will probably not feel her effect on my life.
And that's when it hit me. It's as if I live in an island, away from everyone. Lost in the amidst a sea of humans that I don't care about. I'm one of the few anonymous of colombia, and I'll probably will never meet anyone in real life.
I guess that as many anonymous, I'm just too weird, too deviated of the common trends. But when the population is not nearly as connected as in the first world nations, the Long Tail effect can't be applied.
So, I sit here alone, thinking about a stalker that is somehow interested by my internet persona. It's easier this way, lost in a delusion for a better world.

sage imagedump ensues for around 5-10 images, please don't bump this thread. I guess I just want to type down a message in a bottle and let it drift in the recycling waters of /a/.