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Alright /a/, I need you to explain something to me. And no, I swear this isn't just a troll thread or the like, but an honest inquiry. I just finished watching Busou Renkin the other day after marathoning most of it with a friend.

And I just don't see what the big deal is with most of the anonymous horde raving about it all the time. Oh, don't get me wrong, it was interesting and all, and some of the characters (Read: Tokiko, Tokiko, and mostly more Tokiko) were awesome and fun to watch, but not only was it about as generic a shounen action series as possible, but the second half (after the end of the whole "LXE" business and Victor's awakening) was noticeably poorly written and laid out then the first half.

I mean, after the first half, the fights, save maybe for Gouta vs. Negoro, had no strategy or anything, or cool powers, they were just boring slugfests that seemed to rely more on someone showing up, calling out their ridiculous Busou Renkin engrish name, doing it once, and then over.

Save for Tokiko and obviously Kazuki and his crew, most of the characters were complete douchebags anyway who I didn't care about and who were more concerned with covering their own asses and the crimes of the Alchemist Corps. then they were saving anybody.

If it weren't for the fuck-awesome Good End, the entire thing would have been ruined by how the main characters were treated post the midway point.

TL:DR, why is this so popular when, other then its length, it's basically 96-97% identical to Bleach in concept, plot, and the way things play out?