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If I could make the list,I would list all of my favorites. Here’s my favorites in order. Naruto,Yu-gi-oh! GX,Yu-gi-oh!,Zatch Bell,Bleach,Full-Metal Alchemist,Inuyasha,Blood+,Death Not,Trinity Blood,Ghost In The Shell/Stand Alone,Samarai Champloo,Eureka 7,Bakugan Battle Brawlers,and Blue Dragon. Here’s a list of Japanese Anime that I would put on the bottom of the list,or not even on the list. Pokemon,One Piece,Dragon BallZ,Bobobobobo(I can;t pronounce it),FoolyCooly,and Cowboy Bebop. They should put Death Note,Bakugan Battle Brawlers,and Blue dragon on the list. If you’ve never seen Bakugan Battle Brawlers or Blue Dragon,It’s on Cartoon Network. They are new series. Blue Dragon is better than Dragon BallZ,even though Blue Dragon is the same kind of cartoon as Dragon BallZ. I love Japanese Anime! I watch Japanese Anime all the time. I never want to miss a new episode of a Japanese Anime. You could even say that I’m Japanese anime’s #1 fan.