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So, are there any Wiccans on /a/?

I was just wondering, because I'm a Wicca/witchcraft author and I'm starting to run out of material for my books. I feel like I've only covered the same ground plenty of other authors have covered, while putting my own spin on it, and then I thought "my own spin on it... spin on it... spin on... spin ON! That's IT!" And that's when I realized there's witchcraft books for everyone, books for gothic types, books focusing on gay/lesbian romance and sex magic, but there's never been a grimoire specifically for us otaku types.
So what do you think? I'm gonna write the world's first otaku grimoire. And I've already started on it. I've got elemental, seasonal, and monthly correspondences for all your favorite characters, and spells ranging from an invocation of Sailor Moon for healing, to a powerful binding spell that calls Lelouche Lamperouge. What do you think? Any suggestions? My heart and soul goes out to you guys. You can expect it later this year under Llewelyn Publications, make sure you go out and buy it!