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It's been ten years since Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew found One Piece. With their bounties forgotten, they now enjoy a peaceful life. One day, after spending the afternoon drinking rum with his nakama, just like he has been doing everyday for the previous couple years, he arrives home, drunk, impatient and disgusted with his own life. Nami was standing there, with her bags full, ready to leave the house.
"Nami...? W-Why are you leaving me?"
"Luffy, although I still love you, you can't give me what I've always wanted the most. A child."
A tear came down Luffy's cheek. Soon he started to cry loudly. Nami was about to leave, when he suddenly touched her shoulder, and with a sad voice he said:
"What can I do, Nami? What?! I'm a rubberman."