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allright /a/,iv'e just finished some recent anime iv'e been watching and im looking for some new stuff,recommend me something

-must be full of win,so no whiny main characters like that dude from evangelion
-must have some action,gunfights,fistfights, swordfights,even sports matches are good...
-must be subtitled,no shitty dubs
-a bit more story than just "main character has a dream" would be nice

so far i have seen: one piece, bleach, eyeshield 21, naruto, trigun,avatar the last airbender(if it counts), hellsing, death note(which sucks,stopped watching),claymore (started to suck,stopped),berserk (too old,stopped),full metal panic(main characters suck,stopped), full metal alchemist, love hina,dokuro tenshi.