Shigurui (again)

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Alright, this thread has failed miserably during daytime, so I'm going to repost this. WTF people? Doesn't /a/ has anything to say about arguably the best anime of 2007?

Has anybody here seen Shigurui? What's /a/'s opinion on this anime? How would you rate it (shit, good, second comig, etc.)? What do you think of the excessive violence? Do you think that it was part of the atmosphere and the overall "feel" of the show, or maybe it was there just for the sake of crossing borders? What do you think of the characters? Did any of you find them likeable (except for Iku and Mie, ofcourse)? What do you think about the ending? Do you think that it was appropriate to end the show in such a way? Also, does anyone else think that we have a new contender for "The most sexiest male anime character" title?

Come on people, this anime really deserves a serious discussion, or maybe you would rather discuss Lucky Shit for the 1000th time?