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Why does /a/ seem to go into piss-fight mode whenever Lelouch or Suzaku are mentioned? All I'm seeing is "X is pure evil" and, frankly, it's getting tiresome. Separating the cast of Code Geass into good or evil is honestly a fruitless endeavor since the series gradates so much between the two. Are there scenes of uncompromising evil? Of course. The Shinjuku ghetto massacre for one as well as Zero's sacrifice of the freighter that was carrying key personnel of the JLF. On the side of good, Euphemia is key here as she is basically the sole source of purity in the series (as far as I see, anyway). Her plan at the end of S1 was brilliantly conceived as it achieved a bloodless compromise both physically and politically.

But other than that, the series is really one giant shade of gray that seems to vacillate between extremes. Both Suzaku and Lelouch have noble goals, it's that their methods and talents differ so widely as well as the extremes they are willing to go to.

Furthermore, the division between the Black Knights and Brittania is blurred. At first glance, the Black Knights are in the right and Brittania an all-consuming evil that needs to be defeated. While this is true in certain contexts, we do see examples of some very humanitarian Britannians (Euphemia, several Ashford Academy students) and brutal Black Knights (can you really justify terrorism and murder?).

So if the lines are blurred, where does everyone stand? Who is truly good or evil?

tl;dr Who do you think is actually good and/or evil in Code Geass?