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Why are there only like six episodes subbed of that, /a/? Was it that bad that the two groups that did it decided to drop it?

Or maybe I just fail at searching. But why Tokyotosho doesn't index anything GS-related? What the fuck.

As for the anime - I found it fairly good. Better than most things I've seen so far, actually. Sage me if you must, but I would call GS "what Bleach would like if it actually was awesome" - I suspect many things were a source of inspiration for Kubo. However, Sliders' organization, and their goals, make much more sense than the shinigami, and unlike some big-breasted moeblob, Alva is not only very cute, but also has a believable character.

And there are fights - not that nonsense powerlevel bullshit we see in so many shonen shows, but real FIGHTS. Okay, forget about the one in ep. 1, this was a complete mistake (QUALITY etc. - this episode wasn't very well done), but the battle between Orville and that horned ghost was EPIC, everything from the scenery (moonlit ice-wasteland-something, looked like a frozen desert) to the animation (you can tell there was a lot of money used in that scene) was AWESOME.

So, does /a/ approve of this series? And where can I find more? If there are really no subs, raw would be fine too.