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Why is it that almost all comedy anime/manga based around teenagers draw is humor from sexual tension? Don't they ever get tired of reading about the protagonist getting a noes bleed while checking out another girls tits and getting hit by his girl friend. You would think the first 100000000000 fucking times was enough.

Why is there not one based around a couple that loves and trusts each other and draws it's humor from other sources. You cant say its not possible. Western TV is saturated with sitcoms based on this. But they all feater a middle aged main cast.

I would once like to read one where a young couple, married or not and happily in love went threw 13 episodes with out the protagonist trying to fuck everything with legs.

The only Manga, i know of, that is close is Angel Densetsu. Possibly the funniest thing i have ever read that came from Japan. Aside from that the Manga and anime market seams to be flooded with generic copy pasta. The only other exceptions to the rule seams to be media based around an all female or male cast.