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Good evening nighttime /a/,

How do you spend your day

9:00am Wake up. no matter how late I stay up, I always wake up at 9 on the dot

9:15 Check computer to see which new spring season episodes finished downloading

9:30 Restart Computer and make breakfast/shower etc

10:00 watch new episodes

11:00 Check TokyoTosho for new releases. Lurk on /a/

12:00pm- 4:00 Accomplish real life work/chores/errands

5:00 Check /a/ and TT

6:00 Make dinner

6:30-9:00 Watch "classic" anime

9:30 Check /a/ and TT again

10:00 watch an OVA or movie

12:00 Check out nighttime ./a/. Check TT one last time. Queue up new anime.

1:00-2:30 Time for sleep

9 am wake up and repeat