Ichigo Mashimaro would have been on 4Kids licences

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Two years after being fired, an ex-employee of 4Kids (who doesn't want to be identified) has admitted that Ichigo Mashimaro or Strawberry Marshmallow here was going to be one of their licenses, but was foiled when Bandai got to it first. 4Kids, wanted to to use the series to calm the criticism of Shaman King by the Parents Television Council by showing that they could have a show which could appeal to everyone. In a statment, he said.

"Of course, major changes would have taken place like Nobue Ito would no longer be allowed to smoke and the violence against the character Miu would be completely gone among other usual elements that 4Kids would find unacceptable."

The names would have been Americanized. Nobue and Chika's names would become Summer and Cloe respectively. Their last name Ito would have become Benjamin. The other character's names were changes as well. Miu Matsuoka's name was Brook Hanson, Matsuri Sakuragi would have become Willow Summers, and Ana Coppola became Veronica Rosenberg. The series would also be shown out of order, however done at a level to keep the element of the show.

"The series would have kept the element of cuteness, we all agreed on that. Another important thing was voice acting, which we agreed had to be done at a professional level. That was something that Bandai has always had trouble with. We wanted to hired a British actress to portray Ana..."