The Follies of Death Note....(This is kinda of a long one)

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As much as I like Death Note, I can never watch/read the first half because there are hugeglaring mistakes that the author made that just drives me insane everytime I remember it.

There's a HUGE hole that the author made right in the second volume of the manga that I thought would have been addressed at some point towards the end, but it never was. I came to the conclusion that either writer BARELY did any homework, which I had heard was apologized for, or the Japanese police are really just that incompetant.

So what is it? Remember when Light and L was looking for the link with the dead FBI agents and then Naomi, Raye Penbar's fiance came onto the scene to search for his killer. So then she heads to the NPA where she tells the secretaries that she has vital information about the Kira case and then, unfortunately, she runs into Light instead?

First thing, it is true that police detectives, tend to overlook the evidence that is right underneath their noses, i.e. the Son of Sam, but what boggled my mind is how the secretaries in the front of the NPA let the bitch leave the premises with someone else?! She came up to them and told them that she had information about the biggest international serial killer case ever and what do they do? They tell her to wait in the lobby and have a seat because no one is there?! Normally, when you come into any police precinct with info pertaining to any case, especially one so big, they take you into a room to wait for a detecitve. When one does come around they will, normally, question you to make sure you are not the culprit along with taking all the info that you know. What they do with that info is another thing, but someone will, usually, talk to you instead of just telling you to wait in the lobby. On a side note it was stupid of EVERYONE who was working on the case to come to meet at L at the SAME time. Someone HAS to be at HQ just in case ANYTHING happens.