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Forgive me, /a/, but I just read Re-Take and I'm simple minded, so it's been confusing the hell out of me. I tried to make a chart to make sense of it.

Okay, so 2 parallel universes, A and B. In A, the events of EOE take place. At this point, Shinji A goes so emo he takes over the consciousness of Shinji B, who is currently in B's equivalent of episode 17 or so. He believes EoE was a dream, but he's really just in control of a different Shinji. Cue GAR shinji.
Asuka A, who is naturally a bitch, haunts (?) him in B, while he makes moves on Asuka B. These are the events of Re-Take.
At the end of Re-Take (during which, he finds out he's apparently an Angel) he enters semi-universe C, which is basically a dream of what he wanted to happen. At the end of this dream, he dies/returns to universe A along with Asuka A.
At this point, Shinji B regains control and consciousness, and fucks Asuka B anyways. This is Re-Take After.

Is my understanding correct? 'Cause there's still shit I don't understand. Was Shinji A an angel to begin with, or was he an angel only in universe B? Did he just return to universe A or if you die in universe B, do you DIE IN REAL LIFE? Also, how the fuck was Asuka there? Does she have magical bitching powers that allow her to bitch across dimensions?

tldr; Shinji is his own grandfather.