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halp /a/

I watched this show a while back, but I can't remember what it's called or exactly what it was about. I think it was probably one of those harem comedies. It most definetely WAS NOT Love Hina. But the main dude was some douchebag who lived at his aunt's hot springs spa thing, which had been massively overhauled since his last visit and was now like a really fancy hotel thing. I remember he was supposed to clean the baths but he kept fucking up or being too slow and these two college chicks who lived there were surprised to find him in the baths and acted like total bitches but then later I seem to recall that they kept showing up at the main dudes room to get drunk cause I guess all the guys their own age thought they were bitches too. One had blond hair and I think the other had glasses. And of course there was a hot female cousin. Anyway that's about all I can remember. What the hell show was I watching???