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ITT: The arguments that support the theory that RoE COULD be a sequel to EoE.

1) The sea turns red in EoE, the sea is still red in RoE.

2) OP picture.

3) Kaworu (being the bearer of Adam's soul) remembers Shinji by name FROM BIRTH. The translations are vague, Kaworu could be saying that he wants to meet Shinji "again".
Furthermore, he has memories: "The third again, huh?"
It's still unclear what he meant by that.
Sidenote: This could also mean that Rei remembers as well.

4) There's still a giant streak of blood left on the Moon from when the Rei/Lilith hybrid died in the final scene of The End of Evangelion, and shot a stream of blood into the sky.

5) The nature of the "Lilith" giant on the Moon, which looks like the original Lilith. This could be the original Eva01, as Eva01 is a clone of Lilith and not Adam unlike the rest of the Eva series.
Why would it be on the moon? Well at the end of EoE, Eva01 was set adrift into outer space as "proof that the human race ever existed".
This would explain why there is only one added Eva in RoE, as Eva01 is the only surviving Eva in EoE.
Furthermore, the giant zipper-looking-thing on MoonLilith could be a scar from when Eva01 had it's chest split open to reveal it's core. Interestingly, a core can still be seen on MoonLilith