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I already read my share of crazy evangelion theories, and now there are plenty of theories that say RoE is a 'sequel' of EoE. Well, I'll tell you why I don't think so:

First the red sea theory. If you assume that LCL is red then the red sea at the start of the movie would be the LCL sea from EoE, right? Well, there is just one problem, on the scene Misato shows Lilith to Shinji you can clearly see that the LCL that comes from Lilith is orange-ish, just like it was supposed to be. So this theory makes no sense.

Second, the white outline at the beginning of the movie, Mass Produced Eva's outline. Now this is a trick one, I can't show any real proof that it's not a MPE outline, but then again you can't prove that it is either. Now let me ask you two thing: if this world is a reboot that happens after EoE why there would be any vestige of something that happened on 'other world'(or 'in the future', whatever you prefer)? Also, why this vestige would be a perfect outline? My guess is that it's man made, but i cant say anything for sure.

Third the theory that the lilith-like being on the moon is actually Eva01, that was launched in space on EoE. Are you telling me that Eva01 remained even after the reboot and now there are 2 Eva01 and 2 Yui's souls? Bullshit.

Kaworu's "you never change do you" and the blood on the moon. You got me there, that I can't explain. But Kaworo's sentence could have other meanings.