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The secret of Evangelion is that they took super robot pilots and reversed their genders.
If Rei was female, she'd be the mysterious but endearing silent/cool/calm girl. When she rushes that angel with an N2 mine under her arm sacrificing her life for the boy she loves... that is the scene where GIRLY TEARS flow for A WOMAN PROTECTING HER LOVE.

Asuka, if a girl, would be an awesomely HOT female pilot. Pervy with her advances on Shinji, and more than a little tsundere.

And Shinjiko, as a boy, becomes the standard angsty main character who is at first unwilling, but when he's needed the most comes through. You'd be bitching every night about how much of a pussy he is, just like with other male main characters.

And with boy Kaworu, Shinji x Kaworu would please the yaoi fangirls and allow fanboys an opening to experiment in their sexuality.