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I find it interesting that some people claim the plot is moving to slow and other that it's moving too fast.

Either way, nitpicking at fanservice for the win. A favourite pacetime since Gundam 00 where it suddenly became a major issue for people in relation to mecha series that aren't Macross. And I still don't know what people are on about concerning repetition. Are people just echoing other people's points now for the heck of it, because I have not seen anything I felt was repetitious yet. Every scene in fact has moved the plot along in some manner. Even the one's in episode 5 where people are trying to chill and continue their respective agenda's at the same time.

And in general I swear we are at the point where it's literally exactly the same as Gundam 00 threads now where people just pick and pick and pick about the most insignificant little things they can't get over. I think more then a few people know what I'm talking about. It's the curse that follows me through to the threads of every Sunrise mecha series I try to watch now. I mean even if they are trying to sell model kits for Bandai, so what? I've said it once and I'll say it again. If they didn't care we'd be getting 30 second TV spots or the Toei formula of Super Robot action.