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~Rules of the Death Gun~
+If you point this Death Gun at the face of a human and pull the trigger, that human will die
+ In order to avoid confusion, you must be standing in front of that human when you pull the trigger so that you know the person that you intend to kill, or the Death Gun may not work
+ You must think of the cause of death 40 seconds after you have pulled the trigger of the Death Gun, otherwise it will be assumed that death was by heart attack
+ Any human who possess a Death Gun can see a failgami, but only the failgami whom the death gun belonged to originally
+ When a failgami drops a death gun into the human world, it becomes the property of any crazy nigger that picks it up
+ After you have pulled the trigger 8 times, you must proposition the respective shinigami for more "burrets", these items are as dangerous as the ink refills for Kira's pen
+ If at any time you relinquish the death gun, do not throw it away, pawn and receive a decent amount of cash
+ You may allow someone to borrow your death gun, and you will still retain ownership, but remember, if they get busted, your fingerprints are still on the weapon
+ There are many more rules surrounding the death gun that failgamis themselves usually do not know, because they are too retarded to remember or else they would be carrying deathnotes like real shinigami