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>Konnichi wa! Megami deSU!
>I’m an Anime otaku! I love Anime! Go Anime!
>Right now I’m Graduated from College and >working in Japan!
>Yay, I finaly made it. Go ME!
>I'm an ALT (Assistant Laguage Teacher) at >Minabe High School in the city of Minabe in >Wakayama Prefecture. I live in Tanabe which is >10 mins from Minabe by Train, 3 hours south of >Osaka.
>Studied mostly Japanese and Japanese cultuer in >college. Gave up on animation, it's all about >production. I can draw an everything but not >well enough to pop out 50 drawings a day XP. I >would stil love to be a Voice Actor. That would >be so COOL! ^_^ But i seriously doubt i ever >will. But that's ok. ^_^ Anyways....