Times when dubs are superior.

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As a long time junkie of the animu I used to be a Japanese language elitist, in which I automatically thought that every English language dub was shit. As I grow older I find that most Anime in which the setting takes place in a western setting should be dubbed in English. I found it so off putting watching the Gunsmith Cats OVA or Steamboy to hear everyone speak fluent japanese. These cases are when I favor the English dub because it adds authenticity to the setting and atmosphere. But this also works both ways, I will not watch any series that takes place in Japan in English because again, it ruins the atmosphere.

Then theres the kind of anime which mixes shit up, Like BECK. Which made good use of both English and Japanese in a realistic and entertaining manner.

Just my two cents, what ever thats worth on this shithole of a fucked up collective of minds.