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Newfag when it comes to /a/, sorry. I just recently started watching animu after giving up on the vidya, and nighttime /a/ is just immensely better than any of the other boards I lurk. Enough about that.

I finished Haruhi on Friday, and I was pretty much sitting there with a depression after it was over. I started feeling attached to the characters, longing for more. I've downloaded the light novels, but reading just isn't for me. So, is there anything similar to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in plot, character development, the whole shabang? I can say that I've so far watched TTGL(enjoyed it quite a bit), Cowboy Bebop(decent, but didn't quite catch me in the same way as TTGL and Haruhi), CG S1 and currently R2(lol plottwists), FLCL, Elfen Lied, Soul Eater, and two episodes of LS (jesus christ what a major piece of shit).

Any recommendations? I've just finished my Azumanga Daioh download, hoping that it will be good. Also, English isn't my first language, sorry if there anything that looks weird, grammatical errors etc.