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How do you surf /a/? Specifically what are your habits for looking at threads and posting?

I open the main page with a book mark straight to /a/, skipping the shitty new main 4chan page, and then scroll down to find a thread I think looks interesting. Then I middle click to open a new tab. When I get to the bottom I press the third mouse button which is bound to F5 and then scroll up to see if there are any new threads that I like. When I get a few open I read through them and post. I use noko in the email field.

My scroll wheel tilts left and right which switches tabs, so I tab through my open threads hitting the third mouse button to refresh and read the new replies.

I do this for about an hour and then I get up and do something else or watch animu, read, etc.

random pic from /a/ folder is unrelated