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It was constantly getting mentioned in the endless Geass threads, so I read the translations for the drama CD episode where the Britannian royals discuss Lelouch and Nunnally. Schneizel was obviously scheming from day one, Cornelia believes that Numbers should be genocided and the areas resettled with only Britannians, Euphie still wanted world peace. Everyone was pretty similar to how they act in the first season. The only major difference was Clovis.

Clovis was a fucking hero. He thought of Lelouch like Lelouch thinks of Nunnally, he wanted to bring peace in Lelouch's memory. Before Lelouch's death, he was uninterested in politics, but afterwards, he made the decision to become Governor of Area 11. Schneizel even thinks he's too kind hearted to be a successful Governor, but Clovis simply tells him, "That's Lelouch's resting place, a place I'd like to have made as peaceful as possible, after all."

Goodnight, sweet prince. Clovis La Britannia Memorial Thread, go.