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I'm writing an Elfen Lied-Transformers crossover.

The Decepticons try to use a clone of Lucy (except modified to be way more powerful than even Mariko was) to defeat the Autobots. Megatron adores the clone (whose name is Mavia). In fact, Megatron sends Starscream and Skywarp the people who tried to kill Lucy because Megatron is afraid that they will come after Mavia. Starscream kills the people who were after Lucy....ruthlessly.
Megatron, leads for a time, but Mavia avenges Megatron by killing Starscream. Then Mavia defeats the Autobots many times. She has visions of a paradise world ruled by Unicron, who destroys what Mavia sees as "false worlds". Mavia converts millions on Earth (and a trillion galaxy-wide).

Nana sides with the Autobots. The original Lucy (who SPOILER SPOILER) dies in the manga, is turned into a transformer because of some Decepticons, but Lucy, now "Lilium", decides to be an Autobot. The Autobots defeat Mavia's cult, and Lilium sees Kouta again, only to find that Kouta is married to someone else.