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So, yesterday I'm standing in Bestbuy, not knowing what to get my mother for Mother's Day. No help from my three siblings, so I finally call my dad and see what he thinks she wants. He tells me to get something that is very "me", instead of something generically for mothers. I take his advice, and walk for the 1st time into the anime section.

I look for Millenium Actress. It's not there. I see 5cm per second. I look for Voices of a Distant Star. It's not there. I look for anything that she could watch. I see Haruhi. I see Bakuretsu Tenshi. I see Sorceror Hunters. I buy 5cm per second.

My parents just finished watching it. My dad calls me and goes into a strange, strange discussion on anime. He says it was a good movie though, even if it was a little too romantic for him. I didn't have the guts to ask him what my mother thought.