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PROTIP: He isn't the 'good guy' just because he's the main character.

Most of what he does can be attributed to revenge for his dead mother. And although he was fighting against undeniable evil, the methods he employs are literally terrorist in nature. He doesn't care if innocent people get caught in the crossfire and die. He killed his own half-brother if that gives you a clue, a guy he had known since childhood.

So what's with all the hate against Suzaku? He turned in a known terrorist and traitor to his own family and country.

Did he ever stop and ask "the people" if they wanted to be part of his rebellion? If they would rather have "freedom" instead of just simply getting by. All he managed to accomplish was get most of them killed in the ensuing chaos and get even more of their rights taken away.

Seriously, are you people all retarded?