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How come that despite the fact that the occidental anime fandom keeps growing larger we still don’t really have non-Japanese doujin makers? Why is weeaboo art so weeaboo?
Believe it or not, non Japanese people can draw in anime style, but drawfags around here have a bad name thanks to websites like devianTART and fat yaoi fangirls, who compose the greater part of the drawfag community. There really are some decent drawfags out there, and I’ve seen great ideas sprout out of here more than anywhere else. It’d be really great if we could put together all this talent for the greater good of fapping. Let’s show the elevens that we can make them cum just as much as they make us.
It could be a light and enjoyable project. If a lot of people dedicate a little time to it then we could have fappan material to be proud and to share with our fellows anonymous. We could do it on a wiki or a forum and let everyone who wants to be a part of it, that way the workload would be lighter for all of us. Because no matter how much of a failure you are, THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. Even that fag satou tried to make an eroge and succeeded. If you can take your hand away from your dick and put it on the keyboard then there’s probably something YOU can do. I myself as a drawfag offer myself to draw doujins, along with any other drawfag that decides to participate.

tl;dr let’s do doujins