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A small compiling about torrents.

Honestly, the are not that good. First of all they are horribly unstable. The number of seeds and the bandwidth of other user pretty much determines their speed. Also people in general don't seem and therefore torrents die rather fastly. Try getting some older stuff that is not so easily available and you'll face long as hell download times and a fuck ton of dead or practically unseeded torrents. I don't know about you, but I really don't want luck or other users to determine what I can download and I can't. And why the hell is there such elitist attitude among the torrent users? Now, that's just ridiculous. Almost every single direct download out there is way faster than any torrent and they never die. Even Veoh uses the same peer to peer system for download that torrents, but it automatically seeds every single download.

So what's as great about torrenting. It seems like this horribly unstable method of getting anything worthwhile since I don't have days to wait for my downloads to be complete and I'm not particularly interested on the easily available mainstream stuff.