Shippuuden >> Volume 1

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/a/, Forget about the fillers and the first volume. We all know it sucked when they ran out of manga. Let's talk Shippuuden only.

The good:
- They kill characters.
- They answer questions.
- The plot moves along fast.
- No fillers.

The bad:
- Way too many sharingan / uchiha plot lines.
- Where's the Kakashi gaiden?

The ugly:
- Not enough Rock Lee kicking ass
- Not enough high quality fight scenes with the special animation unit doing the cells
- Lame excuses to give Naruto and Sasuke years and years worth of power almost instantly.
- Same old focus on POWER versus strategy.

Never happen but should:
Rock Lee (technique) and Shikamaru (strategy) spin off with no Bigger-ball-of-powah BS or any eye techniques which are boring.