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Hello /a/.

Several days ago, we had a thread in which we endeavored to create a better shounen. We already have the basic plot, now, I ask that you, /a/, will help us create some good characters.

We've decided the main party should be no more than 8 people. We don't want a lot of characters, because then it will just turn into a clusterfuck like naruto and bleach. But, feel free to help produce a supporting cast. We'll need some villains to.

Just include the basic things.

Try to keep the powers a little on the more serious side. So no Fidel Castro shooting fire out of his eyes.

The story is set in a magical esq world, with both eastern and western themes. Oh, and no giant fighting robots. Not yet anyway.

I'll answer anymore questions you have.

We're just doing this for fun, so you should have fun too.