Bleach is a very awesome guy

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The story until the end of the soul society arc was decent, and at the beginning it was quite original, but somewhere in the middle of the soul society arc it started turning into generic shounen shit, especially with everyone screaming attack names and "NANI?! MY ATTACK DIDNT WORK?!" .

Aizen being revealed as the villain was a semi-decent twist, with the problem that plot device made Aizen absurdly powerful, and able to take on the whole of Soul Society alone, rendering his escape completely pointless.

Captain furfag standing there for 10+ seconds just WATCHING Aizen use the blast spell was just absurdly. His bankai was already active, he could have just swung the fucking huge sword already, but he just fucking stood there and got KOed in one hit because he was too busy going "NANI?! AIZEN IS INFRONT OF ME AND CASTING A SPELL?!".

The anime filler arc also showed promise and had viewers running around trying to figure out what was going on, but when the bounts appeared everything turned into generic shit and the modsouls that were giving captain level Ichigo/Renji problems couldnt even put up a fight against the weakest enemy. The moralfag bount showed promise, but he rapidly became the generic "OMG I LOVE THIS POWER BWAHAHHA" enemy.

Soifon's fight in the filler arc was just fucking hilarious. Releasing her zanpakutou AFTER the sword is at her opponent's throat is fucking stupid. JUST SLIT HIS THROAT ALREADY. Why are you fucking releasing it now?!

And the fucking Arrancar arc with all the draggy fights and complete lack of plot was also disgusting. OH HAY SOMEONE ELSE GETS KIDNAPPED AND ICHIGO HAS TO SAVE HIM ALONE WITH HIS JOBBER FRIENDS. How many fucking chapters did it take to kill Syazel? 50+? 80+? And then they come up with some lame ass "we used a proper gate lol" excuse to explain away why Ichigo isnt strong enough to hurt the Espada, but all the other captains can, despite Ichigo fucking beating Byakuya at full strength.